Oh man. Don't wash the car and slow down! ACHD is gonna get REAL busy with the chip sealing over the next few days!

ACHD crews will be chip sealing roads all over the place tomorrow. While this is important in keeping our roads efficient, the interim is always a bit stressful for vehicle owners.

Some drivers don't slow down and their tires throw the new gravel all over the pace, including at YOUR car and windshield. It also creates a fair amount of dust for a day or so, while the chip seal settles in and gets packed down, which makes for dusty cars when you drive on those roads and for cars parked in driveways or in garages with the doors left open.

The ACHD chip seal begins Tuesday in several neighborhoods.

The ACHD website also says: No parking signs will be placed 24-48 hours in advance, in addition to a green door hanger notice that will be delivered to property owners prior to work commencing. Residents are asked to refrain from parking on the streets listed, and to keep water from sprinklers and hoses from wetting roadways.

You can check the ACHD interactive site for a map of roads that are scheduled for chip sealing and updated daily.


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