Just outside of Bozeman you will find the Lewis and Clark Caverns. A wise man suggested I make my way out there to see them. Let me tell you, what a SITE. Not only was the drive there beautiful, but the whole experience once I arrived was one you have to see.

I had THE BEST tour guide. Cort Walsh is a woman who knows her facts. Constantly asking if anyone had any questions, making jokes, and making history incredibly fun. She does the tour three times a day and never once made it seem like this was her job. You could tell she truly enjoys giving the tours daily.


Once inside the cave, after a 3/4 mile hike up the mountain, I was in complete aww. The caves are around 50 degrees making the hot hike feel like a breeze. Keeping quite as possible when entering the cave, you could see momma bats with their babies. Holding them close to her, the cool temps and dark entrance make it ideal for the bats. Now being a girl that doesn't necessarily like the idea of bats possibly flying around their head, this was the opposite. It was peaceful and a very cool site. Half way through you, really see all the beauty of the formations and history. Constantly saying out loud "that's so cool" and "that's so pretty".


Walking thru the caverns takes around 2 hours. The perfect amount of time spent in each one makes the time go quickly. If you have not been to the Lewis and Clark Caverns, you have to. You will not regret it, that is a promise.

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