Boise, Idaho -  Local band Tylor & The Train Robbers before hitting the road for over 23 tour dates will be playing this Friday, January 20, at the Egyptian Theatre in Boise. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tylor Ketchum the oldest brother and lead singer of the band.

I had to ask, where did the name come from? Here's what Tyler said.

Well, my dad and grandpa told me this story of being related to this train robber Black Jack Ketchum and coming up with a name early on we were trying a bunch of difference stuff and the train robbers had a nice ring to it.

If you didn't know the band is comprised of Tylor, his brothers Jason and Tommy Bushman, and his father-in-law Johnny "Shoes" Pisano.

With country roots and a modern Americana vibe, these guys will have your full attention Friday night at the Egyptian Theatre, tickets start at just $20.00 and you can purchase tickets here. 

I know how important hometown shows are for local artists, when asked are hometown shows different for you? 

They have been, cause we used to play in town a lot. We used to do Tom Grainey's every week and had an ongoing show in town all the time. Then we started drifting out of town as much as possible then we do come back that following that we kinda gathered early on kind of wants to see us or more poeple have heard about because we've been out. But we're not home as much so the crowd seem come out a little better when we come home, so that's been nice.

You can watch the entire interview here and make sure to get your ticket to the show!

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