A man from Ontario ended up in a badger hole after trying to run from the cops!


22 year old Gregory Morrow fell 8 feet down a badger hole while trying to escape the police and it took rescuers an hour and a half to get him out!


Morrow is accused of stealing a car.


Morrow and his passenger led police on a chase yesterday morning until the cops finally stopped due to some safety concerns.


They picked up the chase on foot and first found Morrow's passenger, 35 year old Jerry Boatman, but they continued to search for Morrow on foot and with a helicopter.


The car Morrow stole was found in a ravine and that's when police followed tracks all the way to the badger hole where they found Morrow's dog and the 22 year old calling for help!


Morrow had purposely climbed into the hole but had become stuck!


According to KTVB, once he was freed from the hole, Morrow was treated for minor injuries at St. Alphonsus in Ontario, Oregon and then arrested.