A few weeks back The Bobby Bones Show talked about the Iowa murder house that you can stay the night in.

The house, known as the Villisca Ax Murder House, sits in Villisca, Iowa where an entire family and two guests were murdered on June 10th, 1912. The murder was never solved and now 97 years later, the house is drawing people of all walks of life to visit for day tours and overnight stays. The 'Murder House' has been visited by paranormal investigators, and psychics who have confirmed in their own respective ways that there is definitely activity in the house. Guests who stay often confirm that the house is haunted after telling stories of hearing children's voices, lamps falling, ladders moving, and objects flying.

A listener from Iowa called into the show to share that she has actually stayed at the house with her family, who are avid paranormal enthusiasts. She confirmed that the house is definitely haunted. After the call with our listener, Bobby Bones decided he wanted to send Lunchbox to the 'Murder House' for an overnight stay. He would go and livestream his experience, and report back to the show members back in Nashville. However, during the show today (August 27), no one seems to be willing to go on the excursion with Lunchbox, and he's unwilling to go alone.

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