Everyone loves a good ghost story and there is no shortage of them in the Treasure Valley. We've seen haunted bridges, caves, and even hiking trails.

A lot of us might've heard about these but the best ghost stories are the ones you haven't heard about.

Do you believe in paranormal activity?

According to a study from YouGov, two-thirds of Americans believe that they have had a paranormal experience. Even more terrifying, 43% of Americans believe demons exist according to another study.

Don't get us wrong - a lot of us are skeptics and want to make sense of paranormal footage before immediately jumping to the conclusion that what we're hearing/seeing is a ghost.

As for personal encounters, it becomes a matter of belief... are you willing to take what a stranger says as truth?

We asked several locals to share their ghost stories with us and these are absolute nightmare fuel. One of the stories even comes with a warning about the Old Idaho Penitentiary: "Do not mess around with the old pen."

Another story involves the family pet which is the next scariest encounter you can have outside of something lurking in your home without knowledge.

Let's take a look at some of the most horrifying ghost stories that have taken place in Idaho as told by you.

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