With all of the outdoor beauty Idaho has to offer, it's hard to imagine anything scary or creepy about the natural environment. But, if you enjoy the paranormal as we do, you'll want to pay close attention to what's happening in one of Idaho's most popular tourist destinations.

Idaho's "Coolest" Attraction Is Also One Of The Most Haunted

Most of us would agree that entering a haunted building can be scary. You might not be familiar with the building, what's lurking in unfamiliar rooms, noises in the night, etc.

But, exploring haunted spaces outdoors? We don't know about you but the idea that you can't escape something paranormal because it's outside with you is enough to give us chills.

Now, let's meet in the middle of the concept and explore the idea of a haunted cave.

WATCH: Something Evil Was Caught On Video In This Idaho Basement

There have been horror movies made about monsters in caves (The Descent, anyone?) and haunted mines... but imagine a horror movie made about a haunted ice cave. It certainly sounds like a cool concept to us (no pun intended) but luckily for paranormal and horror fans, you don't have to wait on Hollywood to see this concept.

Located just over two hours away, the Shoshone Ice Caves are one of the most popular tourist destinations for visitors and one of the more popular ways to beat the heat during the summer months.

Deep inside, however, lurks a dark secret enough to give you nightmare fuel... especially if you hear the screams echoing through the caves...

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