You see them in your yard, in the grocery store, on your hikes and in creative art. Mushrooms are everywhere and science continues to prove just how vital their role on our planet really is. We put them on our pizza or perhaps pick them out of our dinners-- to each their own.

Not all mushrooms in Idaho and safe and we've heard more and more about this in recent weeks.

These 6 Mushrooms Are Unsuspecting Dangers in Idaho

Recently, a Death Cap mushroom was discovered in the North End of Boise. The mushroom is known globally as a poisonous mushroom that should never be consumed. These are not only dangerous to humans, but to pets as well. Curious about other Idaho mushrooms that need to be avoided? Here is a quick guide to some-- poisonous AND magical.

It's important to note that none of our photos or descriptions of these mushrooms, below, should be taken as official health advice. If you do not know what kind of mushroom you are dealing with, never eat it.

Yes, after finding "Death Cap" mushrooms in Boise's North End, concern is now on throughout the city-- what exactly are these things, how do you identify them, and how can you make sure they're far, far away from your family in your pets.

Folks at the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare are saying to keep your eyes peeled. Obviously, NEVER consume a mushroom that you are not 100% certain about but really, leave that to the professionals like Paul Stamets.

While we're talking about the dangers of things in the wilderness-- forget about these mushrooms and let's take a look at Idaho's dangerous snakes: 

Snakes in Idaho, What's Venomous & What's Harmless

We love Idaho and love the great outdoors that the gem state has to offer. Inevitably however, if you are outdoors enough, you will encounter a snake two. While many will run away from anything that slithers, it is helpful to know which snakes are common in Idaho and which ones are dangerous in Idaho.

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