A man fell into the swift waters of a canal in Eagle this morning. Here's his story.


This area of Eagle has been hit hard by flooding. The accident happened about 11:15 this morning at the corner of Hatchery and Trout Roads on Eagle Island State Park. The man who fell this morning does not want to be identified, but we do know that he is in his 50's and that he slipped into water near the Riviera Estates Mobile Home Park which has been completely flooded and evacuated. You can see pictures of that situation HERE.


According to KTVB, the man lost his footing near the canal and was overwhelmed by the cold, fast moving, water. By the time rescue crews arrived, the man was barely able to keep his head above water.


The man doesn't live at the mobile home park, but he does live nearby, which explains why he was in the area.


Luckily, a Good Samaritan pulled the man out and after being checked out by paramedics, he is expected to be o.k.