The horrific house fire in Meridian last month that started with an intruder and ended with three lives been taken has finally reached some conclusion with the identity of the third victim. 

It's a story I know I won't soon forget. 84 year old Carmen Abbott heard someone pounding at the front door. When she went to answer there was a man she didn't know and her tried to barge his way in. She called 911 and by the time officials arrived on the scene the intruder had made his way inside and shortly after the house went up in flames.

Also inside the home was terminally ill Scott McCallister and his wife Lilly. She was the only one to make it out of the home alive. Carmen died of carbon monoxide poisoning, Scott later died at a burn unit in Salt Lake City, the intruder is supposedly among the dead and now the name of the last victim has a name.

35 year old Pavel L. Florea of Nampa also passed away in the blaze although the cause and manner of his death are not being released at this time according to KTVB.

Our thoughts and prayers are continually with Lilly McCallister and her family. It was such a horrific turn of events on September 27th and now our hearts go out to all those affected by the death of Pavel as well.