36-year-old Ruben Diaz woke up yesterday with one distinct thought in his head.  He wanted to murder someone.  At this point, authorities don't see any type of motive or backstory on this and they're thinking this very well may be a case of mental sickness.

According to KTVB, Diaz approached a 74-year-old man who was raking leaves on his front lawn in southeast Boise.  Diaz asked the gentleman for some directions and then from out of nowhere, pulled a knife out, attacked the older man by stabbing and slashing him in the head and face.  Diaz attacked and attacked while horrified neighbors called 911.  The attack went on so long, Diaz was still attacking the man when authorities arrived.

Police tased Diaz and quickly apprehended him.  That's when Diaz admitted to police that he had bought a knife that morning with one objective.  To murder someone.

The 74-year-old man lived and is currently in the hospital in serious condition.  One of the crazy things about this whole story is Diaz was just paroled in July.  Prosecutors tried to make it more difficult for Diaz to get paroled because they knew he was a danger to society.  Obviously, they were right.   Diaz now has a $1 million bail while the investigation is on.  We're all hoping and praying for this older gentleman in the hospital.

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