You never think this kind of stuff happens in your town, but it does and it did. A 60 year old man trying to lure a 13 year old girl into a bathroom in Meridian.

It happened at "The Counter" in Meridian at about 4:45 on Saturday. According to KTVB as the girl went to use the restroom a man in his 60's stopped her and told her the women's room was out of service but that she could use the men's room. Of course the young girl said "no thank you" and tried to get back to her table with her Mother and Grandmother but the man tried to lure her again by asking her to "come here."

Luckily, the girl was super smart and told her family about the incident immediately. Grandma tried to go after the man but he had already left the restaurant.

If you saw anything related to this incident or if you have any information please contact police.

The suspect is still on the lose and is described as

  • white male
  • possibly in his 60's
  • short white hair
  • wearing black baseball hat
  • wearing black vest over grey sweater or jacket

I sure hope they catch this guy. It absolutely disgusts me as a mother to think of some creepy guy trying to lure her into the bathroom. We'll keep you posted if and when they catch him. In the meantime please call 208-888-6678.