Officers have no idea where 20-year-old Kane Simons is and are warning the public to not engage with him if you come into contact.  Simons is considered armed and dangerous.  He's wanted for a shooting the Chubbuck Police Department came across yesterday (Thursday) morning at the 4600 block of Ponderosa.

Here is a description and picture of Simons...

  • 6'6" tall
  • 200 lbs
  • Brown Hair
  • Blue Eyes
Credit: Chubbuck Sheriff's Department
Credit: Chubbuck Sheriff's Department

I don't know about you but anyone who throws a tattoo on their FACE is probably not someone you want to meet in a dark alley.  This kid fits the bill.  What or why or when things happened or went down is under investigation and yes, everyone's innocent until proven guilty but this cat is looking VERY guilty right now.

Police are also looking for a woman, 19-year-old Day Witt who is wanted for questioning regarding the shooting.  Information released by the authorities doesn't tell us if they suspect she's with Simons or what part she played in this crime but she is currently missing and wanted for questioning.  We don't have a picture of Witt but her description is...

  • Female
  • 5' 5" tall
  • 120 lbs
  • Brown Hair
  • Brown Eyes

According to KTVB, there was a third person of interest that has been caught.  Alana Heyrend has been brought in for questioning and that's about all the information we have on her so far.  I would imagine that she has been able to give authorities valuable information as to what exactly happened which is part of why there is so much urgency in bringing Simons in immediately.

Again, please DO NOT approach Simons if you see him.  Please contact authorities immediately or call 911.

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