More and more we've been receiving calls, emails, and comments about how Idaho needs to legalize marijuana.  Well... maybe its time.

John Blanding/Globe Staff
John Blanding/Globe Staff/Getty Images

Washington, Oregon, Colorado, California, and Nevada all have legalized marijuana.  So why not us?  Is marijuana a drug, a medication, a plant, something natural the good Lord has given us to use in the right way???  Hmmmmm.


The debate never dies about the pros and cons of marijuana and when, if ever, will Idaho legalize it.  Governor Butch Otter just sent President Trump a direct letter asking that federal law crack down on making states reign in their marijuana laws.  His concern is that we're so close to so many states that have legalized pot, its difficult for us here in Idaho to maintain our own laws on what is and is not legal.


Bottom line... I think Idaho will "eventually" legalize marijuana.  The upsides just seem too good.  And I'm not talking about puffing a bong at your buddies house every weekend.  I'm talking from a health and medical stand point.  I'm talking from a financial stand point.  Regardless of what I think is right or wrong, I think its coming.  Its just a matter of time.

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