If you're planning on heading out this morning, takes lots of extra time and hold on for dear life because the fog that's rolled into Boise is thick, dense and everywhere.  The storm that hit us over the weekend was very mild and it was warm enough here in the valley to where we pretty much took on some rain and even that was minimal.  The mountains received some snow but are still way behind on what their average is.

The fog should only last a few hours but it's thick enough to make driving extremely dangerous.  Remember to turn on your lights but do not turn on your brights.  High beam lights reflect off of the fog which limits your vision even more.  Technically it's illegal to have your high beams on while driving in thick fog.

Credit: Anadolu Agency / Getty Images
Credit: Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

The Idaho Department of Transportation has video coverage and pictures of I-84 and other surrounding areas that are having issues with the fog and all pictures and videos are live.  Please check those out HERE before driving.

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