Large quantities of crows gathering every night in downtown Nampa has created more than just a nuisance.  It's become a health hazard.

The crows feed in the fields during the day but when that sun goes down they're looking for somewhere warm to sleep.  Recently they've chosen downtown Nampa because of the street lights and they're creating a mess that is not only disgusting but it's a health hazard.  Mayor Bob Henry says...

"It's going to require a concerted effort on the part of all the stakeholders to let the crows know they are not wanted in downtown Nampa.  Those long-term decisions will depend on decisions that Mayor-elect Debbie Kling and the City Council will make after the first of the year."

So, for the short term, Mayor Henry has authorized the Nampa Police Department to shoot crows with pellet guns in the downtown area through Sunday night.  Please note... he's authorizing police officials not every average Joe with a pellet gun who wants to take out birds for fun.

One long-term plan Nampa's looking at is a bird repellent hazer which Caldwell used a few years back for similar issues.

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