We have a mental health crisis here in Idaho and a new crisis center could change everything. 

According to KTVB, each year taxpayers spend millions of dollars in hospital and jail expenses for the mentally ill.

Now a new option is making its way to Boise to treat those suffering with mental illness.

A 24/7 crisis center is being planned for the Boise area where those who are dealing with psychological issues can receive free treatment.

St. Luke's security director C.P. "Abbey" Abbondandolo says they spend several hours every day trying to help people who find themselves in desperate situations and law enforcement is in the same situation. They received 7,500 mental health calls last year.

Right now those suffering from mental issues usually land in the hospital or jail when really neither place serves their needs properly.

Local leaders are looking for a company to manage the facility as well as a location, but the end results could be very positive. A similar center is working in Idaho Falls where emergency room costs and law enforcement costs dropped $750,000 in the first year.