Credit: BMLG
Credit: BMLG

We told you back in April these guys were gonna be big! Their song "Drinkin' Problem" is knockin' on the door of #1 on the country charts, and their new CD is coming soon!

The BMLG RECORDS' country trio will release their first full-length debut album, "On The Rocks."  The project has 13-tracks and will feature "Drinkin' Problem," along with additional tracks from their self-titled EP, and new material,(which you're gonna love) All of the songs on the new Midland CD were written or co-written by one or more members of the band.

Midland took to Facebook to say "A lifetime in the making," describing the new music, the new album and the artwork. If you wanna make sure you get your copy, you can pre-order the album and get 5 instant tracks HERE.

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