Standing water and warm weather makes a perfect breeding ground for bugs here in Boise. We are in for a doozy of a summer! 


According to KTVB, the numbers are growing by the hour! It's all thanks to "snowmaggedon;" we have lots of extra water in the valley and as the temperatures climb the bug problem is expected to be horrible this season.


Experts say fleas and ticks don't usually appear until April or May, but this year we are seeing them as early as February and March. It's an early indication of a very bad bug season.


One example is a horse in Eagle that was recently found to have several hundred ticks on him.


The Canyon County Abatement District is planning on treating areas where mosquito larva are popping up, but they say you can help by not watering yet. They say the ground is already saturated with water, so their is no need to turn on the sprinklers.