O-M-G!  So we've all been hearing way too much about Miranda Lambert hooking up with the lead singer of the Turnpike Troubadours who opens for Miranda on tour.  The guy's name is Evan Felker and he was and still is very married.  Felker's wife, Stacie Felker has been very vocal about how shocking this has all been and with her feelings of disgust, sadness, and anger.  Now Miranda Lambert is saying Stacie should be the one apologizing.

Miranda says Stacie, not Evan should be the one apologizing.  What??  Yep, Miranda says Stacie should be embarrassed about airing out their dirty laundry in the media.  When Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert broke up and went through a divorce there was very little or no information as to what happened but rumors are that Miranda had cheated on Blake.  I guess she's used to sweeping all that underneath the rug and just moving forward but this time it's not happening.

Miranda has now been involved in three different cheating situations that have all been in the press in some fashion.  Blake Shelton was married when Miranda Lambert hooked up with him then there's speculation that she cheated on Blake and now this.

I'm not one to judge but to throw some mud at Stacie Felker... probably not a good idea.  Miranda has been spending time with her close girlfriends on little getaways lately to stay out of the media as much as possible.  We'll keep you posted on any new developments with this story.