Was someone checking you out at the bar over the weekend? Catch a cutie staring you down in traffic? Someone might be looking for you in Boise Missed Connections!

Every Monday we rip some off the best anonymous Missed Connections posted on the Boise Craigslist for your reading pleasure. Who knows, maybe one of these days someone will be looking for you! Here's some of our favorites from over the weekend:


Lonely Cat Lady @ Winco - M4W (Boise)

Complete long shot, but aren't these always? You: attractive, very petite redhead, 30-ish? We briefly made eye contact in the produce section, then you got in line right behind me at checkout... woohoo! I bantered with you a little about being a "lonely cat lady" and how you probably get carded all the time for looking maybe 13, tops. haha. Could've swore there was a little spark there. Kicking myself for not actually asking if you were single, but I didn't see a ring! Soooo... wanna chat? Tell me how much wine you purchased that evening..


Vista Pawn - M4W (Boise)

We made eye contact a couple times. You were gorgeous. you were leaving as I was coming in.

Blonde Lady @ Canyon County Spring Home Show - M4W (Ford Idaho Center)

Cute Blonde selling hot tubs at the home show. I see you at every show.. always want to ask if you want to get together for a little fun........ if you know what I mean..



Need more Missed Connections in your life? We get it, they're completely addictive. Check out more anonymous Missed Connections from the Treasure Valley here.

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