Everyone keep your eyes out for a missing 7-year-old from Montana that may be in the Boise area. 

The child's mother, 43-year-old Lanetta Kay Mellstead does not have custody of her son, Tyran Ban Campen.

She stands accused of "incapacitating" the boy's father before kidnapping him. The boy is from Deborgia, Montana but Lanetta's phone has been pinging in both Montana and Idaho and it looks like the mother and son may be headed westbound.

The boy's mother does not have custody of him because she has a history of drug abuse and police say she is a direct threat to the life of this little boy.

Here's what you are looking for.

Lanetta Kay Mellstead is

  • caucasian
  • brown hair
  • green eyes
  • 5'5"
  • 140 lbs.

She is believed to be driving a

  • Black 1996 Ford Explorer
  • License plate 540676B

According to an article on KTVB that gives specifics on the abduction, she is known to use a variety of aliases.

Unfortunately, pictures of the little boy have not been released and the only descriptive factor we have is that he is caucasian. As you keep your eyes out, pay special attention to the description of the mother and if you see a woman that looks like her with a little boy in her possession please call the police.