Yesterday there was an Amber Alert all over the place in Idaho and I'm assuming surrounding states. Here in Boise it was over the radio, and news, on our cell phones, including an update that came in on my cell phone at 2:17am. I even saw one when I was driving home on the highway overpass. The alerts were for a missing baby boy from Boise who was believed to be taken from his mother.

The mother gave birth to a little girl about a month ago and her and the baby girl both tested positive to for methamphetamine at the hospital. She brought the 1 and a half year old boy to the hospital with her and after the results of the tests came back she left the baby girl and took off with the boy. There is more to the story about how the child was supposed to be in the care of the state. To find out more of the backstory of the mother and why the boy was not in her care you can check out my post from yesterday when the amber alert was still active here.

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The Ada County Sheriff's Office called off the Amber Alert after the 39-year-old mother, Marisol Garza and her son 1 and a half year old Legend were found in Draper, Utah. The mom is now in custody and the child is doing well, the sheriff says. I hope the mother gets the help and care she needs. I am not sure if the boy has other family in town I am assuming not since he is under the care of the state now. Wishing the absolute best for everyone involved.

Thank you Boise and Idaho, and even Utah for helping to find this little guy.


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