Yesterday the Boise Police Department released information about a 66-year-old man named 'John' who was reported missing by his family.  He was last seen around 11:15 a.m. at his home near McMillan and Five Mile.  His description is as follows...

Physical Description: John is described as being 6’4” tall, approximately 240 pounds. He was wearing a black sweatshirt and black pants and he walks with a limp on his right side.

Vehicle Description: John may be driving a dark green 1996 Infinity with Idaho License plate 2102A. The attached picture is a similar vehicle, not John’s actual vehicle.

The Boise Poice Department found John's vehicle this morning just before 8 o'clock and a man fitting John's description inside.  Unfortunately, the man was dead and it looks to be a suicide.  The vehicle was found in a dirt lot near the intersection of Eagle Road and Colchester Drive.  The Ada County Coroner's Office is confirming exactly who this man is, the man's family will then be notified and then the information will be released to the public.  Please keep John's family in your prayers.

Credit: Boise Police Department
Credit: Boise Police Department

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