She disappeared from more than 1500 miles northeast of Boise and ended up here. Here's the story of the mysterious story of a 40 year old mother who went missing and was just found in Idaho.

40 year old Tina Saunders of Minooka, Illinois was reportedly acting strangely as she tried to take her children from her ex-husband's home according to This was on March 22nd. Tina was arrested that morning because of the incident and was charged with criminal trespassing, but she was released on her own recognizance by 7:54 a.m. Tina then withdrew $300 from her bank account and left without telling anyone where she was going or when she would be back.

When she was found Tina told the Idaho State trooper that she had been to California and Oregon and that she had sold her cell phone to buy gas.

On March 23rd Tina's cell phone pinged in New Orleans. Any sign of her seemed to be a very long way from home.

Everything seems to indicate that Tina just needed a break and wanted to get away from the stresses of battling with her ex-husband. As an adult we all have the right to walk away from our lives and our responsibilities if we want to, even if it's the expense of others concern or there are repercussions like the ones Tina is now facing.

Her ex-husband has been awarded sole allocation of parental responsibilities for the couple's children and the couple is due in court on June 14th for a status hearing.

We're just glad that she is home safe and sound and that the Idaho State Trooper was aware enough to know she was the missing mother from Illinois.