The countdown is on to the 2018 Boise Music Festival! Don't miss Granger Smith featuring Earl Dibbles, Jr.!
Earl Dibbles, Jr. and Granger Smith fans know the battle cry. "YEE YEE!" will be heard in force on Saturday evening when Granger takes the Commerical Tire Main Stage at the Boise Music Festival.

Earl Dibbles, Jr. will also be making an appearance at the Boise Music Festival. If you have heard of Granger Smith, but have not heard of Earl Dibbles, Jr., brace yourself. Earl Dibbles Jr. is the guy that most red-blooded Americans that live in the country all wish they could be. He may be a little rough around the edges, but he's all about the 'Merican way of life. Guns, huntin', fishin', livin' life according to his plans and agenda, not one of some suit from a big city that doesn't understand what it means to even think like Earl Dibbles Jr.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with NOT being like Earl Dibbles, Jr. But there certainly isn't anything wrong WITH being like Earl Dibbles Jr. if YOU choose. So while some may think that Earl Dibbles Jr. is all about being a redneck, look a little deeper. Earl Dibbles Jr. is about being free to make the choice on how to live one's life.

Isn't that what 'Merica is supposed to be?

Don't miss Granger Smith and Earl Dibbles Jr. at the Boise Music Festival this Saturday! He takes the Commercial Tire Main Stage right about 6:30pm give or take a few minutes. I'd be there early, because believe me when I tell you...there are a LOT...and I mean A LOT of Granger and Earl Dibbles, Jr. fans in the Treasure Valley!  "YEE- YEE!"

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