You cant really go anywhere in the Treasure Valley without seeing a 'now hiring' or 'staff needed' or 'apply today' signs at just about every business. My seven year old son cant help but notice them now and comments all the time, "Oh look, they need more people to work too mommy!"

With all of these staff shortages, where are people working? I am confused because we have this massive influx of people moving here yet we still cant seem to fill employment positions. Boise and the treasure valley is not the only place having issues. I camped and played in Stanley over the weekend and there were signs on pretty much every establishment there that read "Short Staffed, It's the new pandemic" Followed by "Please be kind to our crew, they deserve your respect"

This is effecting the entire gem state and other states in the U.S. are having problems as well. Multiple places, restaurants and others have had to adjust to reduced hours or close completely for days at a time or even permanently because they cant keep enough people on staff to keep things operational. Usually it is a problem when there is too much unemployment. I have never lived in a city where the opposite is such an issue.

CBS2 talked with a meridian restaurant owner Brenden Taylor who recently opened Burnt Lemon Grill, but is already struggling because he cant find enough staff. When is this madness going to end? And seriously, I am asking again, if it seems like no one is working, where are people getting money from now that Idaho has reduced unemployment. It just isn't adding up....


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