To say that this was a gruesome sight is a major understatement.  This kind of thing almost never happens here in Idaho but yesterday morning tragedy struck a huge herd of Elk that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Most of us know that trains can't just stop on a dime.  By the time they see any kind of emergency that requires quick action, it's probably too late.  And that's exactly what happened to a train traveling between Montpelier and Soda Springs, Idaho in the early hours of yesterday morning, Friday, 02-01-19.

This tragedy took out an entire herd of Elk, 31 dead and more injured.  According to East Idaho News, most of the elk hit and killed were unsalvagable but there were a few that the Idaho Department of Fish and Game were able to save the meat and distribute to different members of the community.

Locals helped in the cleanup which had the look of a massive slaughter.  Front loaders were brought in to help clean up the carcasses and to save whatever could be used.

This tragedy reminds me of that scene in The Polar Express where there's thousands of caribou on the tracks.  That train, fortunately, was able to stop as they figured out how to move forward but I always wondered what would happen if the train couldn't stop in time.  I never thought I'd see the answer to that question here in Idaho.  You just don't hear of many train tragedies here.

No people were injured or hurt in this accident.

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