So when did Spring officially kick off again?  I'm confused.  That nasty cyclone type weather we've been ready for has kicked our door down and is here in a big way.


With all the weather related issues and problems we've had this year so far, I can't imagine this is going to help at all.  Snow, Rain, Flooding, Roof Collapses, Roads Washing Away, River Dangers, etc, etc... and now we're getting all this rain / snow / hail with 50 mile per hour winds on the way this evening.  Mama!  Help!!


If you're some kind of crazy that still has to get out in this weather please research areas like the Boise River, roadways, and other places prone to flooding.  There are lots of closures and its just not safe.


On a positive note... the mountains are getting some great snow which should help with Spring Skiing, so there is that.  By tomorrow it should be just a bit windy and highs back around 60 degrees.