My man and I woke up to a huge bang and crashing sound just before 2am last night. Our full size trampoline took flight was completely on its side and off the ground and crashed, hard, into the side of our house. One of the metal support bars was less than a foot from crashing through our large dining room window. I was out in my robe trying to wrangle it back down in 60 mile per hour winds. It was whipping, my robe was flying open and I had no chance at getting the trampoline under control by myself. Kris grabbed some tie downs from the garage and we were able to get it close enough to secure it to the fence post. The tramp was looking pretty rough this morning, I still am not sure if it is salvageable. We also has siding come off the house and a 10 foot section of fence tore off and traveled a few yards.

What a crazy storm. I clearly should have heeded the warnings better and tied down the trampoline before we fell asleep. Damage happened all around the Treasure Valley. The peak was at about 1:30 am with wind gusts getting up to 61 mph. I asked others to share on Facebook what happened to their home, and neighborhood during the storm.

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Lost fences, downed basketball hoops, runaway trampolines, downed trees, downed power lines and torn off siding seems to be the bulk of what many people experienced in Boise, Meridian, Kuna, Middleton, Nampa, Caldwell, and beyond.

Apparently I am not the only one whos trampoline went for a windy ride last night, Shauna from Kuna said, "Trampoline to a flight over two fences and landed in a back neighbors driveway."

Janelle in Boise had a basketball hoop crash, "Base stayed put, the rest not so much. Also a ton of sticks/branches in the yard and a few shingles lifted"

Lisa in Middleton said, "Tree blocked our road and took out the power line to our house."

Bill shared this with us: "If you dont follow already, Treasure Valley Weather HQ is a great local resource to follow especially for events like last night. It was pretty nuts. I'm sure no one got any sleep last night."

There are still thousands without power across the state. Find out more from CBS Channel 2 here.

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