Oh man, this is awkward.

According to the Idaho Statesman, the father of a Mountain View High girls basketball player, has been banned from "all high school activities for a year." This is following an incident that happened during a game on Dec. 1.

According to the article, the father came onto the court and threw his coat at the referee. While official charges haven't been filed (the referee does plan to pursue battery charges), the District Three Board of Control voted -unanimously- to suspend the parent. They're even requiring Mountain View to provide his picture to area schools.

If that wasn't bad enough for the Mavericks girls basketball player, her mother (who's name has also not been mentioned), was also suspended from activities for a month, and will no longer be able to attend road games for the rest of the season.

Apparently this type of stuff happens way too often, and not just in the Treasure Valley. According to the board president, Terry Beck, this is a "pattern of parent behavior making it difficult to retain high school officials nationwide. Only two out of every 10 new officials make it past their third year, according to the National Federation of State High School Associations."

What do you think? Was the punishment too severe? Do you think this parent should have charges against them? Leave your comments below.