So how much drama are we going to have to go through with MoviePass?  It was only about a week ago that MoviePass came up a few million dollars short on what they owed so thousands of people couldn't get into movies when trying to use their pass.  They borrowed some money and for the most part, got that taken care of but now they're talking about raising prices, and, not allowing users to see the most popular movies out in the theaters.  What??

According to USA Today, the new prices will be $15 a month which is a good 50% increase AND... AND... AND blockbuster movies will no longer accept MoviePass.  Oh no, you didn't!  Oh yes, they did.  MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe said...

"These changes are meant to protect the longevity of our company and prevent abuse of the service.  While no one likes change, these are essential steps to continue providing the most attractive subscription service in the industry.”

Abusing the service?  That's what the service is Mr. Lowe.  That's what you sold us.  You sold us free movies, as much as we want, when we want, with no restrictions.  That's why we bought your product, Mr. Lowe.  And these essential steps you're taking to continue this wonderful product seems to benefit just one side.  That's you.  Not the consumer.

I couldn't find information as to how these new changes may or may not affect those with yearly subscriptions but I would assume that MoviePass would have to honor that.  We'll keep you posted with more of the DRAMA, ahem, I mean information as it pours out over the next few days.

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