During the stay home orders, I have pretty much burned through everything on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and even the WWE Network, so I decided that I would go back and look at the movies that I have previously purchased and hadn’t watched in a long time.  So this is a list of some little known movies that I enjoy and few others have ever seen or heard of, but you should check out.  Just don’t judge me because I like these movies.  I know you will, but promise anyway even if you’re lying.  These are all technically comedies, but the kind that might leave you depressed.


Cedar Rapids

I spent a lot of time in the Upper Midwest.  Minnesota and Wisconsin winters do crazy things to the mind!  This movie is about an innocent guy who goes to the big city of Cedar Rapids for an insurance convention and is exposed to all kinds of not-so-innocent behavior.

The Details

One little mistake sets off a really terrible chain of events.  This is a dark comedy and if you’re looking for light-hearted fun, this isn’t your movie.  This is a movie I like to watch when I need to count my blessings!

Sunshine Cleaning

A single mom needs to make some extra money, so she starts cleaning crime scenes.  Her sister helps her out and they start helping people cope with their loss while coming to terms with their own loss.

Jeff Who Lives At Home

This is one of those searching for the meaning of life movies.  Jeff is an adult who just seems to keep getting in his own way to be even remotely successful.  He figures out that no one really has it together, not even his mom.

Meet Bill

Bill pretty much gave up everything to be with his wife.  Unfortunately, his wife doesn’t really care all that much about him.  This is about trying to win back your love and your life.


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