Whether you’re leaving Idaho permanently, temporarily, or even just for vacation… you know it’s a hard state to leave and an easy one to embrace when you come back.

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Say you’re getting back home from a week-long vacation… doesn’t it feel great to be back in Idaho? Every time I leave the state for whatever reason, I am always so happy when I get back home.

Idaho is an amazing place to live. Sure, Idaho can be a little rough around the edges at times, but those are things that (in their own way) make the state even more beautiful.

Here’s what people say they miss the most after leaving Idaho 👇

6 Things People Say They Miss the Most After Moving from Idaho

The 10 Commandments of Boise, Idaho

Life in Boise is a little different than other places in the United States. And you know what, we like it that way. If you're new to town, learning these can make you're adjustment to the Idaho way just a little bit easier.

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Five Things Said in Idaho but Nowhere Else

Idaho has it's own lingo. You may not even be able to think of anything that seems strange in your every day conversations but there are a few things here that would make people from other states raise an eyebrow. 

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