Hey...watch me hurl this rock that's bigger than my head from Mt. Home to Boise!

And...when I'm done with that...I'm gonna run over and toss a telephone pole end over end from Mt. Home to Bruneau!  And then, I'm gonna run over...and throw this thing we call a hammer...from Mt. Home to Fairfield! And I'm gonna do it all while I'm wearin' a "bleepin" KILT!

Hey...I am NOT making fun! The guys that participate in ANY Scottish Highland Games are guys I would NEVER want mad at me. I mean...LOOK at that guy in the photo above. His arms are bigger than my legs. That rock he's hurling, throwing or "putting" is bigger than his head.

The Scottish Highland Games, no matter where they're held, is history being recreated. Remember that scene in Braveheart, when Brendan Gleason throws a rock the size of Mel Gibson...AT Mel Gibson? All based in actual historical games from the Scottish Highlands...hence...the name.

You can catch the Mt. Home Highland Games and World Fair 2018 this weekend. It all takes place at Carl Miller Park in Mt. Home. The games start at 9am on Saturday, and they run both days, wrapping up at 6pm on Sunday.

It's not just about the games, either. There's also a freestyle bagpipe competition, great entertainment from different cultures, food and craft vendors...and a beer and wine garden (you're kidding...people of Scottish descent and admirers of the culture...drinking?!....Say it isn't SO!.........I'll meet you in the beer and wine garden, and I'm not even Scottish...some Welch in the DNA...and I figure that's close enough.)

Ummm...one more thing....if you don't think this is serious...you got some serious learnin' to do yourself. Just like marathons, Spartan Races, Iron Man and other athletic endeavors where people travel...you're going to see athletes from Europe, Canada and the United States competing. If you don't think THEY take it serious...well...you can tell them that in person this weekend.

So if you're lookin' for something fun to do this weekend...check out the 5th Annual Mountain Home Highland Games and World Fair 2018!

Plan to have a great time and be amazed by the athletic feats!

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