You're in for a treat when Captain #YeeYee takes the main stage at Boise Music Festival this summer. It'll be 1,000 times better if you follow him on Twitter and get in his head a little bit.

If you're not in the know, Earl Dibbles Jr. is the gun toting, tobacco chewing alter-ego of Granger Smith. If it's outdoors, if it's country, and if it's beer, Dibbles is all about that life. Don't believe us? Maybe some of his redneck nuggets from Twitter will get you screamin' "YEE YEE" at the top of your lungs:


On hunting:


On alcohol:


On the weekend:


On trucks:


On country music:


This is just the tip of the iceberg with Earl Dibbles Jr.

Still unsure? Check out Earl Dibbles Jr. (and Granger Smith) alongside Parmalee, Robin Thicke, Baby Bash and more at Boise Music Festival June 23rd at Expo Idaho.

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