Dogs are the best.  Well, mine is at least.

credit - randy

This is my dog.  Her name is Gracie. Gracie is a whippet / retriever mix.  We adopted her from a pet shelter in Buhl, Idaho.  Gracie’s need to be near me at all times borders on doggie obsession. When I’m home, she’s on my lap.  When I’m leaving she is ready to go with me.  When I’m gone she waits for my return.

One night not long ago when I was out late, my wife sent me a picture of Gracie poised at the living room window waiting patiently for my return.  My wife went to bed, but the dog was worried about my return.

There’s really no reason for me to share all of this in the blog post you’re reading.  I just really like my dog.  Her unconditional love is something that I aspire to one day have for the people in my life.  Sure, she digs holes where she shouldn’t and occasionally table surfs, but how can you be mad at this face?!

credit - randy

Is your dog the best like mine?  Let me know about your hound in the comments section below.