Perhaps it was a poor April Fools' Day trick and maybe not. If you live around Capital High School this may interest you.

My evening ended a little strange last night as I was out with a friend. About 10pm we turned onto Milwaukee in Boise and headed south towards Ustick, we heard a loud pop against my friends SUV. Keep in mind we were the only car on the road and the street was not well lit. The 'pop' was loud and shook the car, both of us were startled and a little shaken... she didn't run over anything and no one else was on the road. What just happened? Where did that come from? My friend started to slow down and something didn't feel right, I told her she needed to speed up and get to a main street. Seconds later we noticed a spider-crack dead center in her windshield that was about nine-inches in diameter. We pulled into a gas station to inspect the damage to her windshield, this didn't look like rock damage, just two small impressions that caused a significant spider-crack.

We called the Boise Police Department to report the incident, we ended up talking to disbatch again about 30 minutes later and they had received other reports along the same street with similar activity and Boise Police were currently searching and investigating the area.

Awesome. Not sure that info made me feel any better to know that someone was potentially hiding on a dark street targeting car's windshields with who only knows what as they drove by.

If you live or drive in this part of town please be alert and aware of your surroundings, especially at night. Hopefully it was a one time thing but if someone was smart enough to think this was ok, maybe it won't be.

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