It's a mistake that just can't happen, but it did. Little Angel's Daycare in Nampa has had their license suspended after leaving a 3-year-old at the park.

The mistake wasn't recognized until they were putting the children down for a nap after returning from Lakeview Park. That's when one of the caregivers noticed a post about the missing child on Facebook and panic ensued.

Idaho's Child Care program subsidizes daycare for low-income families and they say Little Angel's license has been suspended and the daycare's agreement with the department has been terminated for at least five years. The decision affects 35 children and 19 families.

KTVB adds that according to a health and safety inspection that daycare's owner and operator, Angelina Diordyuk, wasn't allowed to be transporting children in the first place.

Nampa police say she didn't take a head count before heading to the park.

The toddler was left alone at the park for more than an hour. Lakeview Park is located near a busy road plus there's a duck pond and water play area.

A Mom initially spotted the lost child and reported it to authorities when she couldn't find the child's family.

Angelina Diordyuk could be facing criminal charges.