My son and I went to Bogus Basin to check out the non-winter recreation activities. I heard it was fun but I had no idea what we were in store for. What a memorable day! I was surprised by how easy it was to get there from Boise too. We will definitely be back... a lot.

Did you know that Bogus Basin is the second largest mountain recreation area in Idaho with 2,600 acres? It is also the largest non-profit mountain recreation area in the nation. Pretty darn spectacular - That means that ALL all revenue goes directly back into the operation to enhance the guest experience, rather than putting the money into the hands of upper management or owners. Nope Bogus Basin is better than that, and continues to make it self better year over year due to being a non profit. So when you visit, know your hard earned entry is just making the mountain a better place for next time you visit. :)

What are some things Bous Basin has improved through admission and fees? New chairlifts, brush cutting, terrain expansion, brand new lift-served downhill bike park (The Basin Gravity Park), building the mountain coaster, several youth programs, lodge renovations.. happening year after year.. and plenty more to come. In fact Bogus Basin recently completed a 10-year master plan in just 5 years thanks to the support and growth of the community. They are now making plans for the next 10 year plan with more updates, upgrades and attractions.

I have yet to experience Bogus Basin in the winter but apparently most of the city has. Last year they welcomed the highest number of skier visits in a ski season to date. They did it all while safely operating under COVID protocols. I am definitely looking forward to checking out the winter recreation when the time comes.

For now check out the available fun that is waiting for you at Bogus Basin, including the activities and attractions for families and adults, the music on the mountain line up and more. The experience that my son and I had is something we will be talking about for a long time, or at least until we go back to do it all again!

Here is a list of their summer activities followed by photos:
Mountain Biking
Unlimited Day Pass
Mountain Coaster
Scenic Chairlift Rides
Summer Tubing
Bungee Trampoline
Climbing Wall
Shafer Butte Mining Company
Music on the Mountain

Bogus Basin Activities and Attractions

Bogus Basin is the largest non-profit mountain recreation area in the nation and only 16 miles away from Boise. While well known for skiing, the mountain also has a selection of activities and attractions for all ages.

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