Getting this information out as MUCH and as QUICK as possible is key.  If we can get everyone here in the Treasure Valley on high alert looking for this young man, chances are very good he'll be found quickly and most importantly, safely.

KTVB just reported that 16-year-old Marquise J. Clark has autism.  I don't bring in the fact that he has autism for any other reason than to let you know that he may struggle in some areas that others do not.  Autism is a very tricky thing and I realize there are all sorts of forms and degrees.  I do not know or even guess to know to what degree Clark's autism is but the Nampa Police Department has stated this information and I felt it may be useful to those looking for him.

Clark went missing last night at 8 o'clock in the north Nampa area.  Here are a few descriptive details about him...

  • 6'0" tall
  • 200 lbs
  • Blonde hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Last seen wearing a green beanie, gray hoodie, a black coat with a hood, and either green shorts or black pants.

Please SHARE Clark's picture and information with as many people as possible and be on alert.  Keep an eye out.  If you suspect anything, know anything, or come across any information that may help in finding this young man, please contact the Nampa Police Department immediately.

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