A new look into this treatment center in Nampa is pretty shocking. The year-long investigation has found that nearly half of the residents have been abused over the past year. 

Disability Right's Idaho looked at the treatment facility between January of 2017 and January of 2018 and found that nearly half of the residents reported abuse or neglect during that time period at the Southwest Idaho Treatment Center in Nampa.

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is disputing these claims calling the investigation "inaccurate and an incomplete picture"

Disability Right's Idaho made 19 recommendations to improve the treatment center.

According to KTVB, one of those recommendations is to stop the practice of telling residents they cannot report abuse or neglect to families, guardians, or advocacy groups. They also want Southwest Idaho Treatment Center to stop making residents sign non-disclosure agreements.

The Health and Welfare Department says past allegations of abuse and neglect have been investigated and dealt with and that six employees were terminated as a result.

Some of these allegations are he said she said, but we definitely want to make sure that our elderly and disabled members of our community are taken care of, so we hope that any necessary changes that need to be made are taken care of.

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