Have you heard of bike-sharing? It's a concept where bikes can be rented out for certain periods of time then dropped off at docking stations for someone else to use at a later time. Boise already has one company that provides this service, Boise Green Bike. Soon you might be seeing another company like this one in the City of Trees. It's called Lime Bike, BUT, there's a big difference with their model that's concerning some.

Unlike Boise Green Bike, Lime Bike does NOT have docking stations throughout Boise. Instead, when riders are finished, they just park the bike, electric-assisted bike, or electric scooter and leave it....anywhere. According to KTVB, city spokesperson, Mike Journee says they've heard that in other places "bikes [are] being left in off places. Director of Boise Green Bike, Dave Fotsch told KTVB, that this concept would "create clutter on the streets, especially here in the downtown core where the sidewalks are being used for multiple purposes.'

Despite the concerns, Lime Bike does not need approval from the city to operate their business. If they follow through, we could see Lime Bike in Boise by late summer.

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