Taking my dog to the dog park instantly makes me happy. Of course, it's one of his favorite things to do too! Lots of pups running around playing with their friends in the fresh air, and owners that passionately love their dogs. So, I'm excited to announce that a new, off-leash dog park opens in Boise tomorrow!

Together Treasure Valley Dog Island will open at Ann Morrison Park tomorrow, July 30th.

According to KTVB, which gives specifics on the dog park, opening ceremonies kick off at 11 a.m. and you are welcome to bring your pup and let them loose!!

You can find Together Treasure Valley Dog Island at the southwest corner of Ann Morrison Park. There you'll find...

  • 5.4-acre active dog area
  • a fenced "shy dog" area
  • a swim and play pond
  • 2 picnic shelters
  • 9 benches

The $450,000 project has been funded by Together Treasure Valley the Harry W. Morrison Foundation.

Keep in mind that this new park will not affect off-leash season between November 1st and the end of February.

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