With all of the mass shootings happening across our country over the weekend this story kind of got lost a bit but Boise, Idaho had their own shooting on Friday which ended up with 45-year-old Antoine Jones dead.

The alleged shooter is 24-year-old Carlos Sandoval who appeared in an Ada County courtroom today where the judge ordered Sandoval to be held without the possibility of bail.

KTVB received information from Sandoval's sister who stated that the victim was their stepfather.  Apparently, Carlos Sandoval's mother who was married to Antoine Jones died about a year and a half ago.  Sandoval was angry with Jones which may have had something to do with his mother or maybe not.  An investigation is underway to figure out a motive but Sandoval was angry enough to shoot Jones multiple times which ended up killing him.

Sandoval has his next court date on August 15th.  He's facing three felony charges including first-degree murder.

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