Were you hoping to hop on those buses that'll give you a ride up to Bogus Basin? Welp, you're out of luck. Unfortunately, according to KTVB, the Caldwell Transportation Company will no longer be hauling skiers, snowboarders, and tubers up the mountain after a long 20-year ride.

According to KTVB, the general manager for Caldwell Transportation said that dwindling ridership led them to their decision. For a little context, they used to take 10-12 buses to Bogus every day, in the last couple of years, that reduced drastically to one or two per day. Unfortunately, with ridership dipping so much, it's just not "financially feasible" for them to continue.

Bogus Basin is looking for different options to offer their guests in terms of public transportation, so we'll keep you posted. Remember, the whole mountain opens tomorrow, December 8!!

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