This is hands-down one of my favorite stores and it's killing me that they have suddenly closed their doors at The Village in Meridian.

Some of the first items I ever bought for my home after I got married came from Z-Gallerie. I still have beautiful abstract paintings that I bought from there and chich black and white square dishes that I lovingly gave my ex-husband in our divorce. When we were poor (heck I'm still poor) but when we were newlyweds we used to go on date nights to ZGallerie and just dream about the home we'd have someday filled with cool art and eye-catching furniture. Those dreams never really came true, but when I moved to Meridian and found out they had a Z-Gallerie so close to my home I was so excited. I'd go in almost everytime I ventured over to The Village and continue to dream; picking up clearance items here and there to satisfy myself! The wreath on my front door was bought on clearance at Z-Gallerie, the last Christmas gift my ex-husband ever gave me as a married couple is a picture that I see every time I walk into my house, and I have the cutest little sparkling deer that I display on my table at Christmas time from Z-Gallerie.

I can't go dreaming anymore though. I certainly wish I would have known that they had a liquidation sale of up to 90% off over the weekend!! It's absolutely killing me that I missed it!

According to, as of this morning, Z-Gallerie has been completely cleared out.

No word from the company as to why they decided to close our Treasure Valley location, but Z-Gallerie I am really going to miss you.

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