If you can do it, and do it right, then why not? 

A Montana lounge attached to the O'Haire Motor Inn in Great Falls made the list of Yelp's 10 of the Most Outrageous Dining Experiences. It's at the top of the list, and for good reason. They have mermaids. 

The O'Haire Manor was built in 1961 and opened in the spring of 1963. According to the website, "The Inn was originally built with a helicopter landing pad on the roof of the pool building." The mermaids didn't appear until 1996 when a conversation was had between family members that having mermaids swimming around in the pool for New Year's Eve would be a great idea. The first Sip 'n Dip mermaid was a housekeeper who could swim and was wrapped in a green plastic tablecloth, and years following, the owners continued to have mermaids and mermen as part of their New Year's Eve parties. 

In 2000 the mermaids started swimming on the weekend, and now the mermaids are swimming in the pool Monday through Sunday from 6 pm. They mention on their website that sometimes there are maintenance issues with the pool, and the mermaids may not swim that particular day.

When you find yourself in Great Falls, Montana, make sure Sip n' Dip is on your radar. They do also offer food in the lounge from their onsite restaurant, and the food looks delicious. They have live music almost every Friday and Saturday evening in the lounge starting at 7 pm. 

So, are you ready to head to Great Falls, Montana? 

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