Ok, we have some thing are pretty - Idahoan. The passion for our college football teams, fry sauce, and skijoring?? Let's see here, cowboys on horseback pulling a skier through an obstacle course..yeah, I'd say that's as Idaho as we can get. That's exactly what happens in "Idaho's wildest winter sport" known as 'Skijoring'. According to KTVB, the skier must make their way through a course making several jumps, go through gates, even grabbing rings throughout the course, all while going 25 to 30 mph while towed by a horse. YIKES!

If that wasn't enough, the cowboy (or cowgirl) also has to grab some rings. If those rings are missed there is a two-second penalty. If the skier misses a jump, five seconds is added.

So, have you ever heard of this sport? According to KTVB, it's been around for quite a while. Ski Joring began in Scandinavian countries, mostly just for transportation. In the 1940s, it became a sport in the U.S. Here in Idaho, it's been a competitive sport for nearly 20 years!!

Every year, competitors, gather in Bellveue, Idaho for a whole lot of fun and cash prizes. According to KTVB, there are even "peewee division[s]" for kiddos as young as six years old!

The 2019 competition was held last weekend (2/16-17), but if you're interested in giving it a go next year, CLICK here to find out more about the Wood River Extreme Skijoring Association who puts on the event each year.

Want to see exactly what this whole thing looks like?  Check out the recap video below!

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