Most of us will never experience what its like to go into space. Yes, people are dipping their big toe into orbit but that's a pretty expensive trip if it's something that becomes more common.

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There is another way you can have an out of this world experience and that's with this destination Airbnb in Brush Prairie, Washington. It fits up to 4 guest, has two beds, and one bath.

In the description it says "The Spaceship landed only about 30 feet from the hosts living quarters, and can be driven right up to it's front door entry hatch after traveling down a 1/3 of a mile private driveway. Parking in front of the ship is fine. There is additional parking available below the ship as long as the hangar bay doors remain unblocked(shuttle flights depart and arrive almost daily)".

I appreciate the fact that they've gone all in on this experience that is highlight on the Airbnb website.

They continue in their description with "Friendly natives abound!
The nearest sign of civilization is only about 1 & 1/2 miles away due west, and over the hill. The Hockinson Market provides fresh made pizza, and has it's own Tap room. The Chevron Market provides fossil fuel. Hocinson Meadows, and Alderbrook Park's are 3 & 1/2 and 2 miles away respectively. Further afield and to the northeast, is the city of Battleground featuring restaurants, a library, antique shops, and several breweries".

If space is totally your thing and want to plan a trip maybe around the Northern Lights then this can be a totally cool experience for you!

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